Thursday, May 24, 2012

Filling up the shop

The last week and a bit has been spent far, far away from my thread box, well as far as my house allows.  I have been firmly anchored to the computer trying to fill up the shop with the masses of hats that have been sitting in my workshop waiting to be photographed for weeks/months.

Selling on ETSY is a great way to start up your own business with little overhead cost and a huge audience but it also a hell of a lot of work.  Crafters/Artists not only have to create the work they have to style models, in my case be the model, take photos, edit photos and get it all into their shop looking professional.  On top of that you are the accountant, marketing rep, sales guy, cheerleader and janitor.  That's a lot of hats to wear even for a milliner.

So finally I have everything up to date and am heading back to the studio to start the process all over again.

The fruits of my labour.

I also got to play with my wig for the first time, much fun!!!

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