Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Gothic Bride

Tales from Scotland part 2:

Trying to revive my weary body with coffee and eat away a hangover in Edinburgh I managed to all too briefly see my friend Anya and finally meet her soon to be husband.  Anya is doing what I recommend all brides do and giving herself a mere 14 weeks to plan her wedding (Ok maybe 14 is a bit fast but the average engagement period is 16months and usually a year is spent planning the wedding, by month 5 you are guaranteed to be bored of dresses and flowers).  Not only is she planning her wedding fast but it is going to be a Gothic wedding. Awesome!

Gothic wedding tend to go one of two ways.  Subtle dark romance that everyone swoons over as was the case with the wedding of Marlyn Manson to Ditta Von Tease.

or horribly not.

I am more than certain that Anya's wedding will fall into the former category.  For anyone else thinking of adding a Gothic twist to their wedding I have put together some hatty options from the less traditional genre.

It seems that a lot of Gothic brides are following in the footsteps of Miss Von Tease and opting for a tricorn hat in colours to match their dress. Ditta's hat was made by British milliner Stephen Jones (who is fixing her dress in the picture) to match her Vivienne Westwood gown.

Not too far a stretch from the tricorn is the trusty top hat which has always been a favourite of off beat brides.

A veil is still an option just with a bit of a twist on convention.

However black is not a given for the Gothic bride.  Gothic culture was born in medieval times of the Middle ages and thus anything relating to costumes of that time are by definition Gothic. The veils below may be in the traditional white of brides but have a romantic Gothic feel to them.

Of course the Gothic touch of your wedding doesn't have to be quite as in your face as some of the above, thus below are some smaller, subtler options.

And to finish the not so subtle options for the not so subtle bride!

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