Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bug Love

Anyone who knows me at all knows that I love bugs (except spiders they just freak me out). In fact the bugs in Japan are one of my favorite things about the country.

Lets compare...

A British beetle

Crazy Japanese beetles

Which I assume was the inspiration behind this brooch

A British wasp

A HUGE Japanese wasp

So this week the Cicada decided to hatch. For anyone who doesn't know cicada are crazy bugs that look like ET. They spend 7 years underground as ugly grub things then hatch and live for 7 days before raining down on the streets of Japan like a strange plague sent by a pissed off god. During these 7 days they fly from tree to tree screaming like a banshee.

In fairness if I only had 7 days to live I would make as much noise as possible too so I wont hold my thumping headache against them. Instead I will dedicate today's blog to insect hats.

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